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There are several different variations on the case theme. A typical case is a tower with a door on the side. Remove this door and lay the case flat on its side. If you case is of a different format or if you cannot get the side door off then for goodness sake read the instructions. There should be a bag full of screws and fitting brackets with you case and also a set of fitting instructions. As cases and components vary, any set of instructions you receive with your components or case should take priority over the

Fitting the power supply

Have a look inside you case. Does it have a power supply fitted already. It normally sits at the top of the case and on the outside of the case has a fan, socket for a power cord and normally an on/off switch. You have one already fitted? Great, move on to the next section. If you don't have a power supply fitted, then you will have a power supply shaped hole at the top of the back panel of your case. You should have some screws to fit it with. I won't insult your intellegence by telling you which way up or which way round to fit it, it's pretty intuitive. If you are stuck at any point during the build, have a look at another computer, they are all basically put together pretty much the same way. Well done, you've just fitted your first component.

Plug in the power cable, but do not switch it on. The reason we do this is to earth the case. Even with the power switched off the earth will still be connected, so in order to earth yourself as an antistatic precaution just touch a metal surface on the inside of your case, the backpanel or another unpainted surface in/on your case.



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